References & Awards

Awards & How our customers see us.

Kurt Wieder, Head Ironmaking Technology,Siemens VAI:
“As an early adopter of cutting edge simulation technology, Siemens VAI was the first industrial partner to co-fund the development of LIGGGHTS and CFDEMcoupling and has continued to do so over the past several years. Siemens VAI has been incorporating DCS Computing’s services into design projects to obtain a high level of confidence in materials handling equipment designs of the COREX® and FINEX® process. This results in increased equipment reliability and availability, reduced maintenance costs as well as better overall plant performance.”

Andreas Bohm, Manager Calciner & Solid Material Handling, Technip :
“We have entrusted DCS Computing to perform simulation calculations required to optimise Technip`s equipment performance for calciner & solid material handling. We use the results to verify our mechanical design, to increase the reliability and efficiency of our products.”

Edison Award 2012 :
Just 5 months after the incorporation of DCS Computing, motivated by the success of CFDEM®project and the international recognition and reputation, the Austrian EDISION Award 2012 in the category "scientific achiements" was awarded to Dr. Goniva and Dr. Kloss for the continued success of the open source simulation project CFDEM®project. See press release here (German only).

MEC Award 2011 :
The Austrian Mechatronics Award (MEC Award) for the PhD thesis with highest industrial potential was awarded to Dr. Christoph Kloss, co-founder of DCS Computing for his PhD thesis „LIGGGHTS - A New Open Surce DEM Code Applied to the Corex Process", which did lay the foundation of what is now one of the reference DEM simulation software packages - LIGGGHTS®. See press release here (German only).