Our Products

  • CFDEM®workbench - Overview

    A DEM simulation workflow for the LIGGGHTS® DEM engine: Cutting-edge flow simulation technology available to researchers and engineers.

  • Premium versions of LIGGGHTS® and CFDEM®coupling

    simulation engines optimized for large-scale industrial simulations.

  • CFDEM®workbench - STARTER

    CFDEM®workbench-STARTER covers basic geometry creation or import (IGES, STEP), meshing, DEM simulation setup, DEM simulation run, post-processing and data analysis. It is under commerical license, but free.

    >CFDEM®workbench-PRO< comes with additional features on top of CFDEM®workbench-STARTER.



  • CFDEM®workbench - PRO

    CFDEM®workbench-PRO comes with additional features on top of CFDEM®workbench-STARTER :

    • More Contact Models (cohesion, liquid bridge, rolling friction, contact)
    • Complex Shapes and Particle Size Distribution (full size distribution, Multi-Sphere representation, Superquadrics upcoming)
    • Complex Particle Insertion (unlimited insert streams, unlimited “fill region” & “fill geometry”)
    • More Physical Models (heat transfer, prescribed motion, attrition, custom particle force)
    • Fluid Coupling (one way coupled to const. flow field, flow field import)
    • Complex Meshes (unlimited number of meshes, unlimited mesh complexity (number of elements), complex mesh motion patterns, force controlled mesh motion)
    • Complex Projects (unlimited number of derived simulations and parameter variations)
    • Customization (user customized contact models / fixes / computes)
    • Complex Postprocessing (forces/torques on mesh, mass flow through mesh, residence time, mixing index, coordination number, force chains)
    • Spatial & Temporal Averaging (e.g. velocity, volume fraction, temperature, custom properties)
    • Wear Model & Conveyor Model