• Chemical Industry

    40% of the value added in chemical industry is linked to particle technology. We work with you to improve your process design to leverage your value added.

  • Pharmaceutical

    Particle technology is of paramount importance for pharmaceutical drugs. Our simulation technology helps to improve product safety and quality.

  • Food and Consumer Goods

    > 50% of all products are in granular form or involve particles in the production. We help you to make your production processes more efficient.

  • Agriculture

    Our simulation technology can be used to optimize all steps of agricultural engineering: Sewing, harvesting, storing and processing of seeds, grains, crops and other produce.

  • Environmental

    Coastal and river flow, avalanches, sand dune formations etc. pose grand challenges in the light of global warming. Our simulation technology can help.

  • Metallurgy

    Most iron- and steel-making processes are hardly accessible for measurements. Our technology helps to gain insight into these processes, optimize performance and reduce CO2 emissions.

  • Plastics

    Plastic products are a high-tech, multi-functional products. We can help to improve your processes, ranging from polymer production to injection molding.

  • Minerals & Mining

    Particle processes in the minerals and mining industries account for up 10% of the world's energy consumption. We help to make these processes greener and more efficient.