Modelling particles and flow is the core competence of DCS

Particles and flow processes are everywhere - in industry, environment and everyday life

Sugar, sand, ores, tablets, chemicals, biomass, detergents, plastics, crops, fruits need to be harvested, produced, processed, transported and stored. DCS Computing is specialized in computational modelling and engineering solutions for these particle and fluid flow processes.

DCS helps you to optimize your industrial flow process

Our Computer Aided Engineering Solutions

can simulate and optimize your industrial or environmental flow process. This results in improved process performance, enhanced throughput, reduced emissions and downtime. We work with global leaders in the fields of chemical, food and consumer goods, pharameutical, auto, agricultural machinery, metallurgical, plastics and minerals/mining industries. Thousands of experts worldwide trust in our software solutions. See here for showcases

DCS Customer Focus

Your process is our focus.

We build our business - our products and services - around what creates value for you: your process and the need to optimize it. We want to accompany you all the way through the value chain of Computer Aided Engineering (CAE): From basic research all the way to application and process optimization, with very short time to market. This is our understanding of a comprehensive partnership.

CFD-DEM simulation of fibres in a blender

This simulation shows slightly flexible fibers in a CFD-DEM simulation, which are cut by a rotor...

Size-based Segregation of Pharmaceutical Powders

Size-based Segregation of Pharmaceutical Powders

Flow of superquadric particles

DEM simulation of silo discharge of tablets

Post-processing and averaging of DEM data

Post-processing and averaging with LIGGGHTS®

CFD-DEM model of particle melting

Liquid-Solid-Gas CFD-DEM simulation of melting

Simulation of dust propagation from a transfer chute

CFD-DEM simulation of dust propagation from a transfer chute

CFD-DEM model of rotary cooler

CFD-DEM can predict cooling efficiency

Gearbox with liquid-solid suspension

This is a showcase for complex geometry motion (gears are interlocked) and its interaction with a...

Proud partner of The Ocean Cleanup

DCS Computing supports The Ocean Cleanup on its mission to clean our oceans from plastics garbage. We're looking forward to see the largest cleanup in history and being part of it!



Preliminary conference program

The preliminary program for the 3rd CFDEM®conference is now online. Click here to view and download it.
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Course schedule for 2019 finalized!

In 2019 there will be two software trainings in Linz. We will host one fast track training in conjunction with CFDEM®conference in March and our...
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Abstract deadline extended

Due to numerous requests we extended the abstract deadline for CFDEM®conference to 30th November 2018. For more information about CFDEM®conference...
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