CFDEM®workbench - PRO

CFDEM®workbench-PRO comes with additional features on top of CFDEM®workbench-STARTER :

  • More Contact Models (cohesion, liquid bridge, rolling friction, contact)
  • Complex Shapes and Particle Size Distribution (full size distribution, Multi-Sphere representation, Superquadrics upcoming)
  • Complex Particle Insertion (unlimited insert streams, unlimited “fill region” & “fill geometry”)
  • More Physical Models (heat transfer, prescribed motion, attrition, custom particle force)
  • Fluid Coupling (one way coupled to const. flow field, flow field import)
  • Complex Meshes (unlimited number of meshes, unlimited mesh complexity (number of elements), complex mesh motion patterns, force controlled mesh motion)
  • Complex Projects (unlimited number of derived simulations and parameter variations)
  • Customization (user customized contact models / fixes / computes)
  • Complex Postprocessing (forces/torques on mesh, mass flow through mesh, residence time, mixing index, coordination number, force chains)
  • Spatial & Temporal Averaging (e.g. velocity, volume fraction, temperature, custom properties)
  • Wear Model & Conveyor Model

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What do our customers say?
Dr. Stephen Viduka, Product Developement, Outotec (Australia): 
"Our recent thickener raking study has shown that DEM has the ability to simulate our process scenario of interest. Therefore, it has the potential to be used as a tool to improve our current design. The CFDEM®workbench is a stable trustworthy platform that has improved the workability of LIGGGHTS®. Moreover, it is convenient to use in our business environment as it enables the rapid performance of tasks with little training and we have high confidence in the results"

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