CFDEM®workbench - Overview


Our new software Aspherix® will soon replace CFDEM®workbench.

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A DEM simulation workflow for the LIGGGHTS® DEM engine: Cutting-edge flow simulation technology available to researchers and engineers.

Excellence in Engineering Solutions

CFDEM®workbench makes the technology of the cutting-edge technology DEM engine LIGGGHTS® available to researchers and engineers. CFDEM®workbench allows the engineer to include particle flow simulations into the engineering process, to optimize chutes, hoppers and silos, feeders, mixers and blenders, feeding and filling processes and many other processes that handle particles.

CFDEM®workbench covers :

  • Geometry creation or import (IGES, STEP)
  • Meshing with a variety of algorithms
  • DEM simulation setup
  • DEM simulation run
  • Post-processing and data analysis

All this is based on mature and established open source technology; most importantly our DEM engine LIGGGHTS®.

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