Modelling particles and flow is the core competence of DCS

Particles and flow processes are everywhere - in industry, environment and everyday life

Sugar, sand, ores, tablets, chemicals, biomass, detergents, plastics, crops, fruits need to be harvested, produced, processed, transported and stored. DCS Computing is specialized in computational modelling and engineering solutions for these particle and fluid flow processes.

DCS helps you to optimize your industrial flow process

Our Computer Aided Engineering Solutions

can simulate and optimize your industrial or environmental flow process. This results in improved process performance, enhanced throughput, reduced emissions and downtime. We work with customers in the fields of chemical, food and consumer good, pharameutical, chemical, agricultural, metallurgical, plastics and minerals/mining industries. See here for showcases

DCS Customer Focus

Your process is our focus.

We build our business - our products and services - around what creates value for you: your process and the need to optimize it. We want to accompany you all the way through the value chain of Computer Aided Engineering (CAE): From basic research all the way to application and process optimization, with very short time to market. This is our understanding of a comprehensive partnership.

  • Business Area I: R&D

    Fundamental Research & Development for the Simulation of Flow Processes

  • Business Area II: Flow Simulation Engines

    High performance open source simulation engines for particle and fluid flow.

  • Business Area III: Consultancy

    Numerical optimization for your flow process

  • Business Area IV: CAE Software

    Making cutting-edge flow simulation technology available to engineers.